At Jardin Malanga, relaxing is primordial

At Jardin Malanga, relaxing is primordial

Situated in Trois-Rivières, Jardin Malanga has established itself as a unique home away from home, from which to explore the Basse-Terre part of Guadeloupe.

At Trois-Rivières, in the south of Basse-Terre, a large walking path lined with coconut trees opens up to the Jardin Malanga, which oscillates between cottage and colonial-style house. As soon as you enter, you will notice that local craftsmanship is being given pride of place, with carved bottle gourds and sand-based paintings hanging on the walls. Here, the watchword is relaxation. Enjoy a massage on your room's private terrace, overlooking Guadeloupe's flourishing vegetation. Then venture into the tropical garden, surrounded by bougainvillaea plants, for a yoga session with a team of professionals. You may just as well laze about in a deckchair, cocktail in hand – to be enjoyed in moderation of course – or dive in the infinity pool overlooking the Saintes archipelago. At night, indulge in the guesthouse chef's original recipe, taking its cue from bistronomic cuisine with island overtones, tropical produce, spices, fish, crayfish and meat being prime ingredients. An ideal choice to chill out, far from the problems of everyday life.

Jardin Malanga
60, route de l'Hermitage

+590 (0)5 90 92 67 57

Rooms: from 200 EUR