Chez Tatie Clotilde, Caribbean cooking, family-style

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Chez Tatie Clotilde, Caribbean cooking, family-style

Far from the tourist scene, Chez Tantie Clotilde specialises in authentic Guadeloupean cuisine.

In a small alley in St. Anne, wafts of delicious aromas fill the late morning air, as the vivacious owner of Chez Tatie Clotilde busies herself in the kitchen. In this picturesque tiny restaurant of eight oilcloth-covered tables just five minutes from the beach, Clotilde serves family style Creole home cooking. Her Guadeloupean dishes (red snapper broth, colombo chicken, boudins, and cod fritters) are exemplars of Caribbean culinary tradition.

The atmosphere in the no-frills setting is relaxed and friendly. The food – and the low prices – attract crowds of regulars, so it's best to book in the morning if you want to get a table for lunch. The only downside: Aunt Clotilde is an early riser and closes at night.

Chez Tatie Clotilde
34 rue Dandin
97180 Sainte-Anne

+590 (0)5 90 88 26 59

Menu: around 15 EUR