Le Pakira: lunch on the river bank

Le Pakira: lunch on the river bank

Just north of Cayenne, the large village of Sinnamary was once the territory of the Galibi people, but little is known of this mysterious culture.

The colonial history of this Amazonian town began in 1624 with the arrival of a wave of French settlers, including a certain Lady Aubigné, whose daughter Françoise became Madame de Maintenon, the secret wife of Louis XIV. The gold rush of the late 18th century brought a new population in search of fortune. Today, the village attracts tourists and nature lovers, and is best known for its metalwork, basketry, and wood carving crafts. And this great restaurant.

With its pleasant terrace on the river bank, Le Pakira draws crowds from afar for its authentic creole family cuisine and rustic setting.

Different formulas allow you to discover local spices and game, including armadillo, agouti, and especially pakiri, or peccary, also known as javelin pig, a local delicacy served here in a delicious fricassee.

Le Pakira
22 rue Constantin Verderosa
Sinnamary 97315

+594 (0)5 94 34 50 49

Menu: from 15 EUR