Lumière Brothers Institute, birthplace of cinema

Lumière Brothers Institute, birthplace of cinema

The cinematheque that is adored by moviegoers worldwide.

Founded in 1982 and chaired by the Lyonnais filmmaker, Bertrand Tavernier, the Lumière Brothers Institute is naturally located inside the family villa, at 25 rue du Premier Film, where the Lumière brothers designed their cinematograph. Its mission is the dissemination and preservation of the world's film heritage.

Since 2005, this unique heritage has been part of UNESCO's Memory of the World Register. The museum traces the many inventions of visionaries Louis and Auguste Lumière, and presents a collection of materials, including the famous cinematographe 'No. 1'. It is thanks to this machine that they screened their first ten films to a paying audience of 33 people at the Grand Café de Paris in December 1895. Cinema was born! The remains of the Lumière factory and cinematographic decor are kept and presented In the Premier-Film Hangar.

Be sure to visit the Winter Garden as well, where photos and original film posters are exhibited.

Institut des frères Lumière
25 rue du Premier Film
69008 Lyon

+ 33 (0)4 78 78 18 95