Please note that our processing time is unusually extended about 3-4 weeks. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and we are working hard to reduce our response delay.
If you have already made a claim for which you have received a reference number, it is not necessary to fill out a new form for the same request.
We would kindly ask you to make an online request by using this link. You can also write in Serbian language. Online is the only way to contact Customer Care department.
Please attach:

copy of e-ticket and boarding passes
bank account details (account number in RSD and in EUR, SWIFT, name of the bank)

In case your claim is related to baggage irregularity please also attach:

copy or number of Irregularity Report / Damage report
receipts related to delayed luggage
copy of baggage tags

Without all of the above elements, compensation is not possible.
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